Lee Na-eun’s Return to Acting is Heavily Criticized by Netizens 

Despite receiving heavy criticisms from netizens for her stiff acting and controversy, Lee Na-eun still got cast for a leading role 

Former APRIL member Lee Na-eun was once the talk of the town, having gained attention for her appearances in K-dramas such as “A-TEEN” and “Extraordinary You”. She was even set to star in the hit series “Taxi Driver”, only to be removed last-minute after facing bullying accusations from Hyunjoo, another former APRIL member. 

lee na eun

As various information regarding the bullying accusation emerged, however, the controversy has somewhat died down, and in 2024, Lee Na-eun is announced to be making her return to acting.  

In particular, the idol-actress is set to take on the lead role in the upcoming series “Child Shopping” (also known as “I Shopping Or Eye Shopping”), which is adapted from a popular webtoon revolving around the stories of adoptive parents and their children.

Lee Na-eun

Upon hearing about Lee Na-eun’s return to acting, however, netizens started to shower her in criticisms. In fact, there are numerous harsh comments from the audience, which vigorously oppose the film crew’s decision to let Na-eun play the lead role in their project.

Alongside bringing up Na-eun’s past controversy, these comments also criticized the idol-actress’s acting skills. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Lee Na-eun? A leading role? Even without the bullying controversy, she’s not that good at acting 
  • What prompted the production team to choose Na-eun? She got a scandal and poor acting skills, the only good thing about her is the visuals
  • Did her company buy her the role?
  • Right, I’m not watching this drama 
  • Why on earth did the production team makes this decision

Source: instiz, theqoo

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