Choo Ja Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon: Most “cost-effective” special appearances that steal the show in K-dramas

Choo Ja Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon’s special appearances in “Little Women” and “Big Mouth” drew much attention. 

Choo Ja Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon recently made special appearances in tvN’s “Little Women” and MBC’s “Big Mouth” respectively, and their presence is just as strong as the dramas’ main characters.  

Recently, as more and more K-dramas have succeeded in attracting viewers’ curiosity with special appearances like these, special appearances are emerging as a factor for broadcasters to draw viewers’ interest. 

Choo Ja Hyun’s character in “Little Women” plays a key role in the 70 billion won slush fund scandal involving the female lead Kim Go Eun. Thus, although her screen time is little, she is popular among viewers. Even after she died and left a large amount of money to her co-worker Kim Go Eun, she appeared in various flashback scenes. Choo Ja Hyun even ranked 6th place in Good Data’s ranking of most buzzworthy drama actors right after the broadcast on September 3rd. She also made a special appearance as the wife of the main character played by Ha Jung Woo in Netflix’s original series “Narco-Saints”, which was released on September 9th.

Choo Ja Hyun

Kwak Dong Yeon made a special appearance as Jerry, the right-hand man of Lee Jong Suk, who was accused of being the con artist “Big Mouse” in “Big Mouth”. The drama ended with a rating of 13.7% on September 17th.  Leading various twists, Jerry was suspected of being the real “Big Mouse” until the very end. Thanks to this, social media posts about Kwak Dong Yeon’s villain portrayal in TVING’s “Monstrous” and tvN’s “Vincenzo” are also popular online.

Actors who are known as leading stars in the broadcasting industry, reportedly decided to make such special appearances despite the short screen time of supporting roles because they were attracted to the characters’ charm. 

kwak dong yeon

Song Joong Ki and Oh Jung Se, who appeared in “Little Women”, and Lee Kwang Soo, who appeared in Wavve’s “X in Crisis”, also agreed to make special appearances because of the advantage of being able to play unique characters in a short time.

An official from a production company said on September 18th, “The screen time and appearance fee of actors in each work are determined according to their previous works, but a special appearance does not have much effect on the next work, so many actors prefer it as a means for image transformation. Recently, writers discuss special appearances of ‘scene-stealing’ characters with some actors from the script writing stage.”

Source: Daum

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