Lee Young Ji gives presents to residents of officetel where she films “Nothing Much Prepared”

Rapper Lee Young Ji thanked residents who live near the filming site of her web entertainment show “Nothing Much Prepared”.

An article titled, “I live in the same officetel as Young Ji and I just received a galbi set”, recently spread on various online communities.

Lee Young ji

Releasing a proof shot of the gift, the article’s author said, “I was watching ‘Nothing Much Prepared’ but I didn’t know that it was filmed near my house. Anyway, Young Ji is such an angel”.

“Nothing Much Prepared” production team prepared a galbi set for neighbors with the message, saying, “Thank you for understanding although there must have been inconveniences during the filming process”.

In addition, Lee Young Ji also left a handwritten letter to personally thank the residents.

Lee Young ji

In the letter, the female rapper said, “I’ve been hosting ‘Nothing Much Prepared’, a content in which I invite numerous guests to my house to drink and talk, for the past 1-2 years”, adding “Thanks to the consideration of all the residents, our program has successfully wrapped up this season”.

She continued, “First of all, I sincerely thank you for understanding this entire process. I am aware that there were various concerns during the filming, such as noises between floors and potential exposure of external officetel information. It must have been very uncomfortable for many of you”.

She shared, “We tried our best to be mindful of those aspects, but due to the nature of the filming, we couldn’t fully cover everything. We feel so sorry for that”, adding “I know my letter is already long, but I wanted to convey my sincere apology and gratitude to you. I also prepared a small gift to express my appreciation.”

Lee Young ji

Lastly, Lee Young Ji said, “Thanks to you all, a program that is receiving so much love has been born”, adding “Once again, I’m sorry, and thank you for your understanding. I hope you will only feel cool and have delightful moments without worries in this hot summer season. Please stay healthy and happy.”

Netizens on theqoo who saw this article poured compliments on Lee Young Ji and “Nothing Much Prepared” team, saying, “They deserve applause”, “Her letter is so sincere”, “Wow, they’re so sweet”, “Young Ji is such a kind person”, “I can feel her beautiful and sweet heart”, “The production team is also very cool”, etc.

Lee Young ji

Starting with the web content “No Prepare” (also known as “My Alcohol Diary”), Lee Young Ji changed her channel and hosted “Nothing Much Prepared”. This is a talk show where Lee Young Ji invites guests to her house to drink and share talks.

The channel currently has about 3.2 million subscribers and recently attracted keen attention with the appearance of various special guests.

Source: Wikitree

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