Fans suddenly knelt down and shouted “queen” at a fansign, Chungha’s reaction made the audience feel interesting

Recently, the Kpop fan community has been extremely excited by a moment of female singer Chungha at her fansign in 2018. Especially, Chungha held a fan sign in Busan for her 3rd mini-album, ‘Blooming Blue’ on August 18th. Many fans came to this special event to get Chungha’s autograph and have the opportunity to interact with the idol at close range.

However, before reaching Chungha, a fan went, “Please accept this bow from me!” then going on full with her deep bow on the ground.

Chungha was extremely confused. The female idol immediately let out a long “No!” before removing herself from the chair and only got it in time to bow halfway with a hand supporting herself from the ground.

Chungha’s reaction made everyone laugh because she was so cute.

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