The Baby Garden filed a new injunction against Netflix’s U.S. headquarters to ban the broadcast of “In the Name of God” 

The Baby Garden reportedly filed another injunction against Netflix’s “In the Name of God”. This time they sued Netflix’s headquarters in the U.S.

On March 29th, the religious group The Baby Garden and its leader Kim Ki Soon submitted an application for a broadcast ban to the Seoul Central District Court, claiming that Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” contains false information about them.

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This is the second time The Baby Garden and Kim Ki Soon have filed injunctions against the program. Previously, The Baby Garden sued MBC and PD Cho Sung Hyun, who directed “In the Name of God”. At that time, they also requested indirect coercion, which would require a compensation of 10 million won per violation.

This time, The Baby Garden and Kim Ki Soon target MBC, PD Cho Sung Hyun, and the distributors (Netflix Inc. headquarters, Netflix Worldwide Entertainment LLC, and Netflix Korea).

Earlier on the 8th of last month, The Baby Garden and Kim Ki Soon submitted an application for a broadcast ban and sued MBC, PD Cho Sung Hyun, and Netflix Korea. However, just before the hearing, they suddenly changed their decision and withdrew Netflix Korea from the lawsuit. As a result, the lawsuit is currently proceeding only against MBC and PD Cho Sung Hyun.

In this regard, some raised doubts about the significance of the lawsuit against MBC and the director, who only participated in the production and do not own the broadcasting rights. At the questioning session held on the 24th of the same month, the judge also questioned whether The Baby Garden’s broadcasting ban injunction against MBC, the production company, was appropriate.

The Baby Garden demanded the disclosure of Netflix and MBC’s contract, stating that “the contract should specify the responsibilities of the producer and how the video content is processed.”

Meanwhile, The Baby Garden and Kim Ki Son are also proceeding with a lawsuit for a compensation of 300 million won against MBC, PD Cho Sung Hyun, Netflix Korea, and Netflix’s U.S. headquarters.

Source: Nate

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