BamBam “I contacted Nayeon to say sorry…I won’t mention her anymore”

Singer BamBam showed extraordinary affection for his first full-length album.

MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, which aired on April 5th, featured Ko Young Bae as a special DJ and singer BamBam as a guest.


BamBam is currently active on entertainment programs besides his main job as a singer. BamBam talked about “The Genius Paik”, “Baek Jong Won is a great person who can do anything. Everyone in Korea recognizes him. When I went to Morocco, no one recognized me. They didn’t recognize Lee Jang Woo, either. The show is about whether business will go well in a country where no one recognizes you. I’m a manager. I’m in charge of grocery shopping, managing money, receiving customers and interpreting.”

BamBam talked about appearing on entertainment programs, “I’m happy to receive a lot of love calls like now. ‘BamBam is fun. He’s a good person.’ It’s great that I can let people know who BamBam is.”

BamBam released his first full-length solo album “Sour & Sweet” on March 28th. This album includes the title track “Sour & Sweet” and the b-side tracks “Feather”, “Take It Easy”, “GHOST”, “Let’s Dance”, “About YOU”, “TIPPY TOE”, “Wings”.


BamBam revealed that he participated in writing lyrics and composing. He explained, “I also participated in music video, concept and album design. There’s a reason why the album cover is red. I wanted to show a strong and mature charm. Red also attracts attention.”

Meanwhile, he chose “Taeyeon” between Taeyeon and TWICE Nayeon as the artist he wants to collaborate with. He shared, “Nayeon is like a friend, while Taeyeon is like a god to me.” Recently, BamBam drew attention by confessing that he had a crush on Nayeon in the past. In this regard, he said, “When I film ‘BamBam Home’, I drink and talk about everything. I contacted her (Nayeon) to say sorry. She said it was fun and it didn’t matter to her. Now I don’t want to mention her without permission.”

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