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The dimple handsome guy who dreamt of becoming a swimmer but stepped into stardom after appearing in “I Can See Your Voice”

Kim Min-kyu

At that time, the panelists didn’t expect him to sing well with his handsome appearance and 183cm tall physique. His high-quality singing skills were also revealed, causing a huge stir.

Kim Min-kyu

Kim Min-kyu was originally a swimmer from the age of five to middle school. His wide shoulders and bulk-up body, which cannot be hidden in the drama Business Proposal,” prove this fact.

His face is like a cute puppy’s, but his body is fit with muscles. Kim Min-kyu also has impressive dimples that resemble Park Bo-gum, Gong Yoo, Kim Woo-bin, and Lee Hyun-woo.

Kim Min Kyu

He said he developed his dream of becoming an actor while watching “The Lord of the Rings” in the past. In “I Can See Your Voice,” he became a hot topic as a handsome man who can see well with a very sweet voice.

Kim Min-kyu

He reportedly received special training for three months just for that stage. “I usually like to sing, but I can’t dance and I don’t have any activities as a singer,” he said, adding that he would walk on the path of an actor.

Seol In-ah-Kim Min-kyu

Kim Min-kyu is gaining popularity as the second male lead Cha Sung-hoon, the secretary who supports president Kang Tae-moo in “Business Proposal.” His romance with Seol In-ah, who plays Jin Young-seo, is also unfolding, adding to the fun of the story about office romance. 

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