“Soulmate” Jeon So Nee praised by Song Hye Kyo for her acting, talks real-life friendship with co-star Kim Dami, and more

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“Soulmate” tells the story of two friends, Miso (played by Kim Dami) and Haeun (played by Jeon So Nee), who recognize each other from their first meeting, and Jin Woo (played by Byun Woo Seok) who share joy, sadness, excitement, and longing. In the movie, Jeon So Nee plays Ha Eun, a character with a quiet and neat appearance, but with a strong inner self. She admires Miso’s freedom and becomes her reliable friend, always available to provide a deep emotional connection.

jeon so ni

Recently, a VIP screening of “Soulmate” was held, and Song Hye Kyo, who worked with Jeon So Nee in the drama “Encounter” and is also in the same agency as Kim Dami, attended the event to support them. She posted a photo of the screening on her SNS and praised Jeon So Nee, saying, “I was so impressed and enjoyed the movie.” Jeon So Nee shared that Song Hye Kyo had given her a lot of compliments on her acting skills, saying, “She said it’s embarrassing to say it herself, but she praised me a lot for my acting skills. She also thanked me and said it was a great movie.”

jeon so ni

Jeon So Nee expressed her gratitude that the movie was completed and able to be released to the audience, stating that the movie was not complete until the audience accepted it. She said that it was a special and good feeling to be able to present the movie to the audience and interact with them, especially during these difficult times.

Regarding her collaboration with Kim Dami, Jeon So Nee said, “Her first impression and the impression she left on me now are the same. She has a place of stability, and she does not go up and down in her emotions. She is a friend who always listens carefully and opens her heart to any conversation.” 

jeon so ni

Jeon So Nee also mentioned that she and Kim Dami became close friends quickly because of the similarity in their personalities.

Jeon So Nee also praised the director Min Yong Geun for giving her the opportunity to play the role of Ha Eun, a character she loved from the start. She expressed her gratitude for being able to work with the director and the staff members who worked tirelessly on the set to make the movie.

Finally, Jeon So Nee shared her thoughts on relationships, saying, “We talked a lot about relationships. We realized that we tend to categorize our relationships with certain words, but there are no specific categories for relationships. Love and friendship can coexist, and even family members can have both love and friendship. I feel that the depth and intensity of my feelings are different now, and I can’t categorize them.”

“Soulmate” seems to have brought Jeon So Nee and Kim Dami together not only as co-stars but also as real friends. The movie’s exploration of relationships and emotions seems to resonate deeply with the actresses, and their performances have received high praise from both critics and audiences alike.

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