Shocking spoilers unveiled right ahead of “The Glory” Part 2 release

Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a new video on March 9th, saying “I’ve watched through ‘The Glory’ Part 1 thoroughly and completed collecting information about Part 2”.

the glory

He said, “In the pre-release video, there is a scene where Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) meets Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and says, ‘Turn yourself in to the police’. Seeing this, many people are saying that Moon Dong Eun is really showing mercy and giving Park Yeon Jin a chance until the end”, adding “No. Moon Dong Eun knows Park Yeon Jin better than anyone else. This part should be seen as a provocation for now”. In addition, Lee Jin Ho emphasized that he respects Kim Eun Sook’s writing skills.

the glory

He continued, “The romance between Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) and Moon Dong Eun will have a clear ending in Part 2. Plastic surgery is a very important clue. In the trailer, Park Yeon Jin is also seen going to a plastic surgery clinic. As Park Yeon Jin becomes entangled with Joo Yeo Jeong in the plastic surgery clinic, the story will rapidly develop”, adding, “The scene where Joo Yeo Jeong threatens and injects Park Yeon Jin in the preview will really become a crucial clue afterwards”.

Lee Jin Ho explained, “In Part 1, the scene where Moon Dong Eun goes up to the rooftop means a ‘new revenge’. In Part 2, she will also go up there to seek a ‘new revenge’ while sorting out several things”, raising viewers’ curiosity.

Regarding the role of Moon Dong Eun’s mom in Part 2, the Youtuber said, “Moon Dong Eun’s mom appears with completely new dyed hair. The fact that she shows up from the parking lot is an important detail”, adding “One significant thing for Dong Eun gets changed and that change results in a new development.”

Lastly, regarding the drama’s 19+ rating, Lee Jin Ho emphasized, “They covered up the exposure scenes in Part 1 but the drama was still rated 19+ because there were cruel scenes. Part 2 will have even more provocative exposure scenes. There’s also one more shocking bed scene. From different characters. A snake appears in this bed scene and it carries a meaning.”

the glory

“The Glory” tells about people who get caught up in the whirlwind of a fierce revenge plan carefully designed by a woman whose soul was broken by the experience of school violence during her childhood. Part 1 was released in December last year and received huge love, causing a global sensation by staying in Netflix’s Worldwide Top 10 for 5 consecutive weeks.

While Part 1 depicted Moon Dong Eun preparing for her revenge after enduring a long period of staying up all night and her process of joining forces with those who help her approach the perpetrators, Part 2 will show the full-scale revenge that Dong Eun risks her entire life planning.

Part 2 will premiere on Netflix at 5 p.m. on March 10th.

Source: Wikitree

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