Everything known about the luxury apartment that led to Abby Choi’s murder 

Previously, local media reported that the brutal murder of Abby Choi was likely related to a dispute she had with her former in-laws over a luxury apartment in the Kandooria housing complex. It is known that many other celebrities reside in the same area, with one notable example being famous actor Andy Lau.

abby choi

The apartment was bought under the name of Abby’s former father-in-law, Kwong Kau, and the full payment was made by October 2019. Apparently, Abby Choi wanted to sell this apartment, but faced the rejection of her former in-laws. 

abby choi

The luxury apartment, which is located at Kadoorie Hill in Kowloon Tong, consists of 4 bedrooms with a total area of 170 meter square (1,820 sq ft). It was originally bought for at least 67 million HKD (around 8.5 million USD), but its estimated price has since risen to 72.8 million HKD (around 9.2 million USD).  

The interior of this luxury apartment 

Although Kwong Kau is the legal owner of the apartment, Abby Choi was the one who paid for it, and so could claim the money should the apartment be sold. The apartment was also reportedly where the Kwong family resided. 

So far, 6 suspects of Abby Choi’s murder case have emerged. 4 of the suspects were supposed to stand trial on February 28th, but court has been adjourned to May 8th due to lack of evidence. 

abby choi
6 suspects of the Abby Choi’s murder case

Source: Inquirer

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