Viewers raise expectations for the presence of the ‘mad’ mothers in “The Glory” Part 2

With the release of Part 2 approaching, interest in “The Glory” is at an all-time high. Part 2 will continue the story of Dong Eun’s revenge against the bullies, with characters like Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) and Kang Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran) by her side, and the school violence perpetrators played by actors Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, and Cha Joo Young as the opposing force. 

the glory

Fans are eager to see how Dong Eun will take revenge on the bullies and some key characters are expected to be revealed in the new episodes. In particular, the ‘mothers’ are speculated to become variables. Quietly or blatantly insane, each with their own madness, the intense presence of ‘mother’ characters in Part 2 is raising viewers’ curiosity.

Moon Dong Eun’s mother (Park Ji Ah) appeared in Part 1 as a minor role but she is a villain comparable to the five bullies. She’s also the person who pushed her daughter into despair by selling her for only a few pennies. In the previews of Part 2, she is seen with bright orange hair and gestures that seem to let go of her sense, creating high tension. She is also believed to be the person who gets back-hugged by Dong Eun with an ambiguous expression. Let’s see whether she will be punished like other perpetrators.

the glory

Park Yeon Jin’s mother (Son Ji Na) may also have a significant role in Part 2. Although nothing much about her has been revealed, this character gives off the vibe of an “evil force” as she has maintained a delicate relationship with a police officer and protected her daughter’s misdeeds. In the trailer, she is shown opening a personal safe full of yellow amulets, raising drama fans’ curiosity about what she wants to check. In fact, she may be the person who holds the key to her daughter’s downfall. 

the glory

Park Sang Im (Kim Jung Young), who lost her husband at the hands of a serial killer and raised her son Joo Yeo Jeong while hiding her wounds, is another mother who may create unexpected developments. She showed a trustworthy appearance as a doctor and hospital director, but she also lost her composure in front of the serial killer who continuously abused her only son. In a scene shown in the trailer for Part 2, she even reminds her son “Don’t get caught”. This remark is more meaningful as Joo Yeo Jeong has declared to become Moon Dong Eun’s executioner.

There are also other mothers, such as Kang Hyeon Nam, who joins hands with Moon Dong Eun to escape from her violent husband and save her daughter, and Park Yeon Jin, who is a terrible mother to her daughter Ye Sol. The choices of mothers, who have been equipped with madness for various reasons, will make “The Glory” Part 2 even more interesting. 

Source: Daum

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