aespa Karina’s cute chubby face in the past, a stark difference from her current AI visual

On February 25th and 26th, girl group aespa successfully completed their first solo concert at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul.


At the concert, aespa performed several unreleased songs such as “Salty & Sweet” and “Thirsty”, raising expectations for the girl group’s upcoming album.

In addition, member Karina showed off her perfect beauty at the concert and garnered the attention of many fans, leading to her cute and fresh photos from the past being re-examined.


Particular, several photos of Karina from her school days were recently posted on an online community.

Among the images, Karina’s elementary school graduation photo shows the female idol smiling brightly with a chubby face with her baby fat intact.


Unlike her AI-like visual nowadays, which boasts a hip and charismatic vibes, the Karina of the past exudes a cute beauty. However, her sharp eyebrows and chubby aegyo-sal (the roll of skin right beneath eyes that frame the lower eyelids) have not changed at all.


At the same time, Karina’s middle school and high school photos have also been circulating on various online communities.

In these images, Karina boasted a perfect beauty with a high nose bridge, big eyes, and a small face after losing cheek fat.


The female idol’s cute and lovely visuals even before debut are earning a lot of praise from netizens. 

Source: Insight

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