Brand value rankings for singers in July 2021: BTS dominates the chart, aespa continues to enter the top 3

BTS took first place again in the singer’s brand reputation as a result of big data analysis in July 2021. Second place is Young-Woong Lim, followed by aespa in third place.

The Korea Institute of Business Reputation analyzed 145,185,245 singer brand big data from June 24, 2021 to July 24, 2021 and analyzed consumers’ brand participation, media, communication, and community. It increased 14.17% from 127,167,251 big data brands in June 2021.

The Singer Brand Reputation Index is an indicator that is analyzed through positive and negative ratio analysis and reputation analysis algorithms by extracting big data from singer brands that are loved by consumers and analyzing consumer behavior. Through brand reputation analysis, we can find out who, where, how, how, how, why, talks about a brand.

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TOP 10

  1. BTS
  2.  Lim Young Woong
  3.  aespa
  4.  Brave Girls
  5.  Lee Chan Won
  6.  Big Mama
  7.  IU
  9.  Joy (Red Velvet)
  10.  NCT

In first place, BTS was analyzed with a brand reputation index of 13,919,443;  with a participation index of 3,418,867; communication index 3,140,487;  communication index 4,041,691;  community index 3,318,399.  Compared to a brand reputation index of 12,939,675 in June, it has increased by 7.57%.

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In second place, Young-Woong Lim was analyzed with a brand reputation index of 13,496,632 with a participation index of 3,549,962; media index of 3,287,185; communication index of 3,341,478; community index of 3,318,006. Compared with the brand reputation index of 11,626,270 in June, it increased by 16.09%.

3rd place, aespa was analyzed as brand reputation index of 6,373,217 with participation index of 1,652,020; media index of 1,301,188; communication index of 1,904,005; community index of 1,516,005. Compared with the brand reputation index of 7,875,755 in June, it decreased by 19.08%.

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Koo Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “As a result of the analysis of the brand reputation of singers in July, the BTS brand ranked first. Analysis of the singer brand category showed a 14.17% increase from the 127,167,251 singer brand big data in June. Looking at it, brand consumption rose 1.41%, brand issues rose 6.74%, brand communication rose 23.62%, and brand spread rose 23.87%.”

He added: “The BTS brand, which has strong fandom on global platforms, ranked first. Lim Young-woong brand, which has active fans on community platforms, ranked second. And aespa brand, which has high interest on music platforms, ranked third. The brand, which is building relationships with consumers in various ways, was creating a positive reputation.”

Source: hankookie

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