BamBam reveals why he was never scolded by Park Jin Young for 7 years in JYP

GOT7 BamBam transformed into a “JYP sniper” in a recent interview on the YouTube show “Show!terview with Sunmi”. 

Both BamBam and Sunmi were affiliated with JYP Entertainment before moving to their current agency. During BamBam’s appearance on “Show!terview with Sunmi”, Sunmi jokingly proposed that they “expose JYP.” 

BamBam agreed, saying “Since noona (Sunmi) is close with producer Park Jin Young (JYP’s founder), I’ll let you lead.


One of the topics they discussed was the “basic choreography” required for JYP trainees to debut. BamBam revealed that it took him a year to pass the basic choreography test and that many trainees don’t complete it before their debut. 

Sunmi sympathized with BamBam, saying that even she didn’t finish the basic choreography before her debut, and that JYP Entertainment is a challenging company to work for.

BamBam also raised the question of whether the basic choreography moves were all from Park Jin Young’s songs. Sunmi quickly countered, saying that the basic choreography was created for Park Jin Young to dance, not for trainees to learn.

BamBam surprised viewers by revealing that he had never been scolded by Park Jin Young in the seven years he spent at JYP.


BamBam shared that he knows how to keep Park Jin Young in a good mood. He explained, “I know that he likes ice cream, so I would buy him honey ice cream before recording. Then there would be no problems, and we could record smoothly the next day.

Sunmi also shared some of her struggles with recording. She mentioned that she once spent three days recording a single word.

BamBam recalled that Park Jin Young told the trainees not to open their mouths too wide while singing. However, BamBam pointed out that Park Jin Young opens his mouth widely when performing “Don’t Leave Me” during concerts, and BamBam and Sunmi laughed at this observation.

Finally, the two hurriedly wrapped up, saying, “We respect you, PD-nim.”

Source: Nate. 

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