Hyunjae (THE BOYZ) raised controversy over the “rising sun” design, IST Entertainment apologized for “lack of awareness” in repsonse 

Hyunjae (THE BOYZ) wore a hat with a “rising sun” design; his agency apologized for the incident. 

THE BOYZ‘s agency, IST Entertainment released a notice on February 3rd that read: “We have confirmed that there was a scene in the video uploaded today which included an artist wearing a hat with a controversial symbol, and thus we have edited and re-uploaded the video with the aforementioned scene deleted.”

The Boyz-Hyunjae

They elaborated, “The members put on these hats without any awareness of the problematic symbol on the hats, and the staff also did not realize in time that such a hat was worn, thereby leading to this situation. We promise to be more cautious from now on so that similar incidents do not occur again. We apologize for causing concerns.”

The Boyz Hyunjae

Earlier, THE BOYZ’s agency released daily videos of the members. However, controversy arose when the hat worn by Hyunjae during the video had a “rising sun” symbol on it. As a result, the agency apologized.

The hat was worn by members of VIXX in the past and officially apologized due to controversy.

Source: nate

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