Female stars who recently became mothers revealed tips on how to gain back their perfect bodies after childbirth

Actresses Han Ji Hye, Lee Ha Nee, Park Shin Hye, etc. are returning to activities after giving birth to their babies. 

Many female stars have made great efforts to maintain nice appearances for beautiful drama and movie scenes even after suffering hard times due to childbirth and childcare. 

■ Han Ji Hye lost even more weight than before she gave birth

After giving birth to her daughter, Han Ji Hye appeared on KBS 2TV’s program “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” and released stories about her daily life. Talking about her diet routine, Han Ji Hye said she did intensive home training exercises while taking care of her daughter. The actress shared, “I worked out with all my might”, revealing that she lost 1kg more compared to before her pregnancy. 

Han Ji-hye

Han Ji Hye continued, “I really wanted to lose weight. I always had dinner before 6 p.m. and ate as little as possible”, adding “I put rice and soup in small dishes for soy sauce, not bowl for rice, to eat. I received a drama casting offer before my daughter’s first birthday”.

Han Ji Hye, who became a hot topic with her superior body figure, confessed, “Actors always have to be ready because they don’t know when they would make a comeback. I wanted to be well-prepared”.

■ Lee Ha Nee made headlines with her impressive abs

Lee Ha Nee, who recently returned to the big screen through the movie “Phantom”, boasted about her abs and revealed her whereabouts. Showing off her body lines in sportswear, the actress said, “This is the result of working out during the day”. 

Honey Lee

7 months after giving birth to her child, Lee Ha Nee shared, “I had a 7-day detox, and was still in my best condition even after an exhausting schedule. If I continue to stay healthy this way, my health will stay stable”, revealing that she was steadily taking care of her body despite childbirth and busy schedules.

Seeing Lee Ha Nee’s abs, Lee Min Jung exclaimed, “You gave birth not long ago but are already pregnant again with your abs”.

■ Park Shin Hye looks even younger after childbirth

Park Shin Hye released various photoshoots and daily life pictures after giving birth to her son in May and flaunted her unwavering visual.

park shin hye

Seeing Park Shin Hye’s youthful beauty in daily selfies and skinny body in commercial shoots, fans believe that the actress is ready to return to acting activities and raise expectations for her comeback performance.

Park Shin Hye also heralded her future activities when delivering her New Year greeting. She said, “It’s a little late, but happy new year, everyone. I hope everything you want and wish for will come true. May the people I love always be happy and healthy. See you soon. I miss you all”.

■ Lee Jung Hyun lost 14kg within three months

Lee Jung Hyun started filming her new work 3 months after her childbirth. She announced her comeback through the movie “Limit”, which was released last August.

lee jung hyun

In an interview during a photoshoot for a fashion brand, Lee Jung Hyun said, “People look at me and say that I’m strong”, adding “I gained 14kg during my pregnancy so I was afraid that it would be impossible to carry out any filming schedule three months after giving birth. However, I successfully lost 14kg within three months”.

The actress drew admiration when revealing how she prepared food for her daughter with all her heart amid busy schedules.

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