An actress who lost 19kg because of her husband’s biting remark 

Actress Kim Ji Woo revealed how she lost weight after having a baby. 

Following her natural weight gain due to pregnancy, actress Kim Ji Woo reportedly lost 19 kg after giving birth because of her husband’s blistering remark. 


Kim Ji Woo married celebrity chef Raymon Kim and gave birth to their daughter in 2014. Wanting to engage in activities again after childbirth, she said she told her husband, “I think I’m having postpartum depression.” However, Raymon Kim’s response to his wife’s concern was, “Isn’t it going to give you a job if you lose weight before postpartum depression comes?”


Kim Ji Woo’s pride was hurt by the words of her husband, who is not in the position to comment on other people’s bodies. She cried a lot because she was upset. Kim Ji Woo revealed that every time she was about to quit exercising, she just thought of what Raymon Kim said and continued to work out with all her best.


Beginning with harsh criticism, the two later became lovers. When Kim Ji Woo appeared as a participant on Olive’s program “Chicken Fighter”, she cried a lot at home because she was hurt by the harsh comments from Raymond Kim, who was the judge on the show.

Unexpectedly, the two ended up getting married. Kim Ji Woo and Raymond Kim are enjoying a happy life as husband and wife with their pretty daughter, who resembles the two exactly half in half, drawing admiration from the public.


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