The girl group produced through a variety show swept music charts as soon as their debut songs were released

The debut songs of “Hangout with Yoo?” project group WSG Wannabe are dominating Korean music charts.

The broadcast of MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo?” on July 9th showed WSG Wannabe hosting their first live broadcast at the same time as the release of their debut song.

WSG Wannabe was divided into three teams: Gaya-G, 4FIRE, and Oh-Ah-Siso. On the show, they released their debut songs “At That Moment”, “I Missed You” and “Clink Clink” with different charms.

wsg wannabe

In particular, the song “At That Moment” by Gaya-G (Lee Bo-ram, Soyeon, HYNN, and Jung Ji-so) rose to the No.1 spot on Melon ‘Top 100’ immediately after the live broadcast and rapidly achieved All-kill on music charts.

wsg wannabe

The three new songs, which feature the individualities and diverse colors of the three teams, are produced in three different genres, such as medium tempo ballad, country reggae R&B and pop dance. Various genres were mixed to capture the eyes and ears of music fans.

WSG Wannabe’s popularity remains hot even after a day. As of 3 p.m on July 10th, “At That Moment” still topped Melon TOP 100. “I Missed You” also rose to 2nd place while “Clink Clink” came in 8th place. 

Source: Wikitree

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