BLACKPINK’s Jennie called out on cultural appropriation after being spotted with cornrows in “The Idol”

After the 1st trailer for “The Idol” was released, Jennie faces backlash for her hairstyle. 

On July 18, the first trailer for HBO’s original series “The Idol”, through which BLACKPINK’s Jennie will make her highly anticipated acting debut in a supporting role, was released and drew much attention.

However, besides comments showing excitement for Jennie’s first acting gig, controversy has also erupted. Specifically, in a scene from the trailer where Jennie was seen dancing, she was having the cornrow hairstyle.

Criticism aimed at Jennie then sparked among international K-pop fans in general and black fans in particular because braiding hairstyles, including cornrows, are part of the African culture and are not supposed to be worn by non-black celebrities for the sole purpose of looking “cool” and “hip”. 


This is not the first time K-pop idols get called out for appropriating African culture through their hairstyles. Previously, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was caught up in criticism and had to apologize for wearing box braid extensions in the dance performance video for “MONEY”. 


Many people are expressing disappointment at Jennie for wearing cornrows and demanding feedback from the female idol. While fans defend Jennie saying she meant no disrespect, others argue that Jennie is a fluent English speaker who is familiar with the Western culture, so she must be aware of the issue regarding cultural appropriation and could have avoided this mistake. 

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