First images of BLACKPINK Jennie in the premiere trailer of “The Idol” unveiled… Actress Jennie is coming!

Recently, the trailer for the series “The Idol” was shown at The Weeknd’s concert and immediately attracted attention. Notably, a girl believed to be BLACKPINK Jennie appeared in this trailer.

Specifically, Jennie is said to wear a green crop top and let her long hair loose. Although she looks smaller than other actors, the BLACKPINK member still looks outstanding. These images make BLINKs extremely excited.

Previously, Jennie was rumored to have received an invitation to appear in the HBO series ‘The idol’. Many viewers speculated that the female idol would take on the role of a cameo. Besides, foreign media reported that Jennie will play a bisexual girl in ‘The Idol’. If true, this will be a huge challenge for the female idol in her first role.

Fans are incredibly thrilled about Jennie’s participation in “The Idol,” regardless of the role she will play because this is the first time the female idol has put her acting skills to the test.

Meanwhile, “The Idol” is a movie series about pop idols co-produced by singer The Weeknd and director Sam Levinson. The film also stars the daughter of “captain” Johnny Depp, actress Lily-Rose Depp, and male singer Troy Sivan.

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