“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” 30-year-old Park Eun-bin has been single since birth and does not plan to get married

Actress Park Eun-bin reached her heyday after playing the female lead in ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

Every move toward actress Park Eun-bin (31 years old in Korean age) has become a hot topic day after day, and her remarks about her being “single since birth” are also being put into the spotlight again by fans.

In 2020, Park Eun-bin said in an interview with Daily Sports that she had no experience in dating.

park eun bin

Park Eun-bin, who debuted as a children’s clothing model at the age of five, always lived thinking about acting.

At the time, Park Eun-bin drew attention by saying, “Because work has been the top priority of my life so far, love is still an unknown world to me.”

Park Eun Bin
Instagram ‘eunbining0904’

She said her biggest plan in her 30s is not to date, but to show good works.

Park Eun-bin said, “I personally don’t think I can achieve anything from dating,” adding, “I’ve never thought about getting married yet,” showing the aspect of a “workaholic.”

park eun bin
Instagram ‘eunbining0904’

Living only for acting, she was a student who always lived doing the right thing even when she was in school.

Park Eun-bin didn’t let go of her studies while doing entertainment activities and always maintained her top grades.

Park Eun Bin

Eventually, she entered Sogang University proudly and studied psychology and newspaper broadcasting.

Fans are paying keen attention to what kind of filmography Park Eun-bin, who seems to live only for her career, will build in the future.

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