Lee Hyo-ri reveals the reason why she cut her hair short… Lee Sang-soon, “Hyo-ri is pretty no matter what she does”

Lee Hyo-ri recently surprised everyone with her short hair. 

The broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “The Manager” on July 16th showed Hong Hyun-hee and Jason meeting Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon on their trip to Jeju Island.

When Hong Hyun-hee and Jason arrived in Jeju, former manager Hwang Jung-chul came to pick them up. The former manager, who has been living in Jeju for three months, said that he would become their daily tour guide.

lee hyo ri hair

Hong Hyun-hee created various scenes with props she brought along for the photoshoot to commemorate the last months of her pregnancy. In particular, the scene where she lay on the beach and took photos of only her face and belly drew laughter. Regarding her belly with stretchmarks, Hong Hyun-hee said, “My belly was originally big. It didn’t get chapped since it was originally a full-blown balloon”, making everyone laugh.

Later, the couple met Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon. Hong Hyun-hee and Lee Hyo-ri got to know each other through “Seoul Check-in”. Hong Hyun-hee expressed her affection for Lee Hyo-ri, saying “Hyo-ri unnie has been my favorite celebrity since a long time ago.”

lee hyo ri hair

Lee Hyo-ri, who used to have long hair, shocked everyone as she appeared with a short haircut. The female singer recently posted a message on her fancafe, saying “I went to a hair salon in my neighborhood and my hair was ruined”, raising fans’ curiosity about what had happened to her hair. As soon as Lee Hyo-ri showed up, Hong Hyun-hee said, “Lee Hyo-ri oppa”, drawing laughter. 

lee hyo ri hair

When Hong Hyun-hee asked “Why did you cut your hair?”, Lee Hyo-ri cheerfully said, “Isn’t it awkward since my hair got shorter? I cut my hair because I have already wrapped up the show but then I got a call from you. So I hurriedly curled my hair and came here.”

She laughed and said, “He (Lee Sang-soon) has been calling me ‘Hyo-si-gi’ these days. He said he felt like living with a boy in the third grade of middle school”. Lee Sang-soon showed affection for his wife Lee Hyo-ri, saying “Hyo-ri is pretty no matter what she does”.

lee hyo ri hair

Hong Hyun-hee prepared Gongjindan (a traditional herbal medicine) as a gift for Lee Hyo-ri. Lee Sang-soon said to Jason, “Hyo-ri didn’t share it with me because she wanted to eat them all alone. I asked ‘Can I have only one?’ and she said, ‘Ask Hyun-hee’”, making everyone laugh.

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