Lee Hyo-ri responds honestly to the messed up shortcut hairstyle + gender joke

Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed why she tried the shocking wolf cut hairstyle 25 years after her debut. 

Lee Hyo-ri, who is scheduled to take a break from the broadcasting industry for the time being, showed off her easy-going charm by reacting coolly to the teasing that she looks like a man, saying, “I’m doomed” about her hairstyle.

Lee Hyori
Singer Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Hyo-ri made a surprise appearance with her husband Lee Sang-soon in the latest episode of MBC’s variety showOmniscient Interfering View, which aired on July 16th. In this episode, Hong Hyun-hee, who built her popularity through the original TVing program “Seoul Check-in,” rushed to Jeju Island with her husband Jason to shoot a pictorial.

lee hyo ri hair

As soon as Lee Hyo-ri appeared, her hairstyle stood out the most. Appearing in a white T-shirt and sunglasses, she surprised everyone with her hair transformed into a wolf-cut style. Hong Hyun-hee also drew laughter by saying, “Lee Hyo-ri oppa” as soon as she saw Lee Hyo-ri.

lee hyo ri hair
Photo = MBC ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ broadcast capture 

Lee Hyo-ri’s unconventional transformation drew a lot of attention as soon as the trailer for “Omniscient Interfering View” was released last week. Lee Hyo-ri also posted on her fan cafe, saying, “I went to a hair salon in my neighborhood and my hair was ruined.” The reaction of netizens who saw Lee Hyo-ri’s hair was extreme. Some say that she fits well with any style while others wonder why wolf cut.

lee hyo ri hair

However, Lee Hyo-ri was Lee Hyo-ri after all. When Hong Hyun-hee said, “Why did you cut your hair?” she said, “Isn’t it awkward that my hair has gotten a lot shorter? I cut it after deciding to leave the broadcast industry for a while, but I got a call from you. So I used a curler in a hurry and came here,” she replied pleasantly.

“My husband calls me ‘Hyosiki’ these days.” He said, “I feel like I’m living with a boy in the third grade of middle school.” Upon hearing this, Lee Sang-soon said, “Hyo-ri is pretty no matter what she does,” showing his love for her.

lee hyo ri hair
Photo = MBC ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ broadcast capture

Superstar Lee Hyo-ri became a hot topic despite her brief appearance and a change in hair style. Will the “sold-out IT girl” who can make anything popular be able to turn the “wolf cut” into a new trend?

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