Honey Lee proves her golden hands through the beautiful painting she made for her daughter

Actress Honey Lee showed off her expert-level painting skills.

On May 24th, Honey Lee posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption “‘Time Made by Painting’ Exhibition”.

Honey Lee revealed her thoughts, saying “The moments I spent on painting now remain as a painting, and I want to share it with my precious people. The time I spent on painting felt like going on an amazing journey to get away from reality and visit a different world.” 


She added, “I want to thank my teacher, who is the loveliest person in the world, for letting me know how wonderful and exciting it is to draw and paint, as well as for helping me dream and achieve all this. And thank you to Moryham family members who always care for me.”

In the photo that accompanies the post, Honey Lee is seen smiling brightly in front of her artwork. Especially, her appearance in an elegant dress next to the impressive painting truly makes her look even more like a genuine artist.

Earlier, Honey Lee made drew attention when she revealed a painting of a black tiger for her baby during pregnancy.


Regarding the black tiger painting created during prenatal education, Honey Lee said, “I completed the tiger painting for prenatal education and hung it in a place where the baby can see it well. (Many people were curious about the painting because I didn’t upload the completed version).”

The revealed black tiger artwork showcased the incredible level of her painting skills. Fans were all surprised by the actress’s unexpected talent.

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity man in December 2021 and has one daughter.

Source: Insight

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