MBC: “The women accompanied Yang Hyun-suk’s guests at the party each got a 5 million won Chanel bag”

Ko Eun-sang, a reporter for MBC’s “Straight” who reported YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk’s alleged sexual favors for overseas investors, drew attention once again by exposing that the women who attended Yang’s dinner each received a Chanel bag.

Journalist Ko, who held an interview with an MBC radio show on the 28th, raised suspicions through MBC’s “Straight”, which aired the previous day, that Yang had used prostitution to entertain two Southeast Asian financiers in July 2014. This journalist also said Hwang Ha-na played an important role in tracking down the allegations of YG’s sexual services.

Journalist Ko said “The financiers chose some among the 25 women and moved to other places such as their accommodation. Even at the end, they left the country (with the women) on their private plane and went to Europe.

The women, who were sent to the dinner table at the time, said they were grateful to the rich for giving them Chanel bags, which cost between 4 million won and 5 million won“, Ko said.

When the host was surprised at the scale of this event, “A mere 4 million won but if it was 25 women, it was a total of 100 million won,” Koh said, “I know they spent a lot of money when they came in.

Regarding the testimony that Hwang, the granddaughter of the Namyang Dairy founder, was also there, Koh said, “Hwang is also an important figure. Jeong Madam is a person who has a very close connection with Yang Hyun-suk, Seungri and other YG’s important members in particular. Jeong Madam runs a so-called Ten Percent business at karaoke through which she manages the women and invests in. She has a reputation for having lots of deep relationships in both politics and business circles,” he said. “At that time, all the financiers came from abroad. As a result, she needed someone who could naturally mingle while interpreting English, and Hwang, who came from the U.S., was offered the position,” he explained.

Earlier on May 27th, MBC’s show “Straight” reported on air that 25 women were brought in to accompany the dinner, which was arranged by YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun-suk for eight other people who are YG’s insiders and some Asian financiers. According to the reports, more than 10 of the women were women from Jeong Madam’s entertainment establishments, and Hwang Ha-na was also reportedly at the aforementioned dinner party.

Sources: Nate

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