Influencer A exposed famous female singer J who accused him of sexually assaulting her

Another celebrity got exposed, this time it was a famous female singer J.

On October 28th, a post titled “I’m being threatened by famous singer J was uploaded on an online community.

A, who introduced himself as a music-related influencer with more than 1 million followers on a platform, said that last December, they received a direct message (DM) from J, who is famous for many hit songs, saying she had been working on some videos and asking A to work together.

A said, “At that time, J had a boyfriend who is close to me. We got to know each other after filming a few videos together. Then, J broke up with her boyfriend around January this year. She was bored, so she called me every day.” He continued, “On August 16th, while hanging out with some acquaintances at a party room, J asked me to have another drink in her room. Then, when the two of us were drinking beer in her room, J started to do some skinships first. We didn’t have sex but fell asleep during our talk.”

Then, A said, “The next day, J said she couldn’t remember anything. When I asked, ‘We confess that we liked each other, right?’, and J said, ‘I truly like you, but I want to take time to observe you’.” A said that he later gave J his house’s password, called her to his home from time to time, and they even slept with each other about 5 times.

He confessed, “I was not sure whether we were dating or what our relationship actually was so I asked my manager and my friend – L for advice.” A then said, “On October 19th, J called me to a café and suddenly pressed me, saying ‘You sexually assaulted me’. J told me that she was mentally and physically affected after taking sleeping pills on August 16th, so she rejected me, ‘You can’t do this’. Then she claimed that the video got cut off, and she was sexually assaulted.”

“I kneeled down and apologized first to calm J, who was screaming and swearing for 20 minutes,” he said, adding, “People who read this may misunderstand, but this part is really clear.” “I’ve slept with J several times since August 16, so how can I send my home address and password to the person whom I sexually assaulted?” he said.

He also said, “L was watching me from behind, and she started to try to drive me her way, accusing me of sexually assaulting her who was on drugs,'” adding, “Since then, the two (J and L) have not listened to me at all and said they would file a lawsuit. Even now, nine days later, they are swearing and threatening me through phone calls and KakaoTalk, saying, “We will kill you.””. A said, “I was suddenly accused of being a sex offender by L and J, who I thought were reliable friends,” and revealed, ” They were also delaying the complaint since they have no evidence, and calling people around me to make strange rumors about me as a sex offender, one with Ripley syndrome, and a fraud.”

In addition, A released the details of their hotel reservation and the contents of the message he had with J on August 16. Unlike what J claimed about being sexually assaulted while taking sleeping pills, the message she sent says, “Because of you, I didn’t even have to take sleeping pills anymore, thank you.” Afterwards, A said, “I already finished consulting with the lawyer, and I called the police yesterday (October 27th) because of the repeated threats,” adding, “Both the lawyer and the police told me that I could sue them.” “I want them to stop when they see this before I take it to court,” he added.

In addition, A said in an additional post in the afternoon that day (October 28th), “Today, J made a threatening phone call saying, ‘If you don’t take down the post, I will sue you,’ adding, “She can sue me even though her name is not in the article.” He then said, “I came to consult with a lawyer with recordings and CCTV footage that I couldn’t disclose on the online site,” adding, “The lawyer smiled in vain and said that I didn’t have to erase the post. Thankfully, there are many people who can be my witnesses, so it will be easy to file a lawsuit,” he said.

“I was so tired of J’s gaslighting over the months that I wanted them to stop spreading false information after seeing this article. However, I have come to my senses now due to repeated threats until today,” he said. “If J threatens again or publishes false articles in the future, I will also release recordings and CCTV footage.”

A didn’t mention details of J’s identity, but the real name of the singer presumed to be J is already being discussed online.

On the SNS account of the person who is pointed out as J, netizens are leaving lots of comments and asking for her clarification, “Is this disclosure true?”, “I’m disappointed since I was a fan of you”, “If this thing is not true, I want to demand a harsh punishment for the accuser”.


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