Korean actresses and idols boasted their individual charms through a variety of fashion styles 

These female stars showed their unique looks that could not be replicated. 

The styling of stars heavily armed with splendor at the event caught eyes. From stars who showed the aesthetics of simplicity to the looks that created an impression of a “too-much” fashion, these following outfits were selected for being “just enough.” 

Oh My Girl Arin

Oh My Girl Arin created an elegant atmosphere with her nude-colored silk dress. This dress, which scored points with pleats, emphasized the alluring atmosphere with a look that accentuated on her waist line and naturally spreading flare details. Arin created a more feminine feeling by matching the colorful jewelries together. It was an elegant coordination that looked good as an award ceremony dress.

Kang Hye-won

Kang Hye Won showed off her feminine charm with a thin knit dress in sky blue. The off-shoulder, bodycon dress added a cool edge to the look and especially caught attention for a sophisticated cutout and winding form. Topping off the look was Kang Hye Won’s aloof and innocent visuals. 


(G)I-DLE Yuqi who showed a monochromatic look with a simple black mini dress. The pleat black dress with an eye-catching square neck shape added a lively feeling to the idol. With a simple necklace and bracelet, Yuqi appeared energized and elegant at the same time. 

Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi appeared at the venue in a metallic cyber-inspired suit with a satin texture that caught eyes. The waist string gave a relaxed feeling while the look overall gave a futuristic vibe. Da Mi’s outfit distinguished itself by adding a masculine and powerful charm as she walked the venue. 

Red Velvet Joy

Red Velvet Joy appeared at the event in a dark scarlet leather coat that blended well with the background. The white handbag contributed to the overall feminine look and balanced out the rougher shoe form. Above all, Joy’s visuals stood out for anunique charm that could not be replicated. 

Source: Naver

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