The question that made groom-to-be Lee Seung Gi suddenly sweat at “PEAK TIME” press conference

Lee Seung Gi sweated when overcoming difficult questions at a recent public event.

The press conference for JTBC’s new entertainment program “PEAK TIME” was held at Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. MC Lee Seung Gi, signers Tiffany, Jay Park, HIGHLIGHT Lee Gi Kwang, Infinite Kim Sung Gyu, choreographer Shim Jae Won, and music producer Ryan Jhun.

Lee Seunggi

Apart from the program itself, there is another issue that also attracted attention at the event. It is because Lee Seung Gi recently announced his marriage with actress Lee Da In.

Expressing his feelings, Lee Seung Gi said, “I’ve made the biggest decision in my life and will marry Lee Da In on April 7th. Thank you for your congratulations. I’m spending happy days with warm blessings from colleagues and staff. I’m fulfilling my responsibilities as the head of a family and preparing to start doing music as an entertainer. I’ll prepare a lot of things and show you one by one, so I hope you can look forward to me with warm gazes.”

Lee Seunggi

While staying calm despite the public’s keen interest in his private issue, Lee Seung Gi suddenly got embarrassed due to the next question.

Lee Seung Gi drew attention with his shaved head at KBS Drama Awards last year. Therefore, he received a question about how he was able to transform into a hairstyle that would only grow full in more than a month and a half. 

Lee Seunggi
Lee Seunggi

Smiling awkwardly at the unexpected question, Lee Seung Gi replied, “I don’t usually sweat, but I’m suddenly sweating a lot”. He explained, “I thought a lot about that. I was wondering if I should come here with that hair. I’m currently wearing a wig that the production team chose for me. It was a fantastic idea. I didn’t even tell anyone among the cast. I didn’t think everyone would ask because they might think my hair grows fast. I’m happy that what I prepared for ‘PEAK TIME’ is getting attention”.

Lee Seung Gi created a comfortable atmosphere with his witty answers to difficult questions that kept on pouring out on him and also raised expectations for the program.

“PEAK TIME” is a global idol audition program introduced by the production team of “Sing Again”. Carrying out “team” competitions for the first time in the history of idol audition programs, “PEAK TIME” air at 10:30 p.m. every week from episode 3. 

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