Uzurocks employees reveal touching story about Song Ji Hyo, “She gave us her card”

Actress Song Ji Hyo reportedly helped employees from her former agency who faced hardships due to unpaid salaries.

On May 17th, Dispatch exclusively reported the damages experienced by the employees of Uzurocks Entertainment, Song Ji Hyo’s former agency.


According to Dispatch, Song Ji Hyo had not received any settlement payments since she signed an exclusive contract with Uzurocks Entertainment in October of last year, adding that “the unsettled amount confirmed by Dispatch is approximately 900 million won.”

Song Ji Hyo notified Uzurocks of her contract termination last month and filed a lawsuit to claim the unpaid settlement.

According to reports, Uzurocks managers often used their personal cards to pay for expenses and claimed reimbursement from the company later. However, they did not receive any proper payment and struggled due to credit card delinquency. Belatedly realizing this fact, Song Ji Hyo let the managers use her card.


Dispatch met with six employees from Uzurocks Entertainment. Most of them are rookies and their average annual salary was 27 million won. In February, they received a notice that they did not pay national pensions at their workplace due to the agency’s delayed payment. In addition, their salaries and other payments have been delayed for several months.

Employee A, who had to break their savings to cover living expenses, told Dispatch, “I didn’t have enough money to pay for living expenses because of the delayed salaries. My credit card payments were overdue, and I had to break my savings. Eventually, I even had to ask my parents for financial support.”

Other employees expressed their frustration, stating that they either became credit defaulters or endured blocked cards.

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It is known that Song Ji Hyo spent her own money on helping struggling employees. Employee B confessed, “When Song Ji Hyo heard about our situation, she gave us her own card. It was such a relief”.

Song Ji Hyo also said, “The lease fee of 2 million won for the Porsche that Uzurocks CEO drives is a luxury, but the 2 million won monthly salary that these friends should receive is for their livelihood.”

Earlier on the 5th of last month, Uzurocks Entertainment stated, “Employees’ salaries in February and the four major insurances have not been settled yet. The original payday is the 10th. As for March salary, it will be paid on April 10th, and artist settlements are also processed on a quarterly basis.”

However, even on the 10th of last month, the settlements were still delayed. CEO Park Joo Nam promised to “transfer the payments by the end of April”, but stepped down from his position on the 27th.

Source: Wikitree

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