Han So Hee didn’t withdraw from K-drama with Song Hye Kyo? Only learned through the news

According to Han So Hee’s agency, the actress only learned about her withdrawal from “The Price of Confession” from the news.

On May 17th, a representative from 9ATO Entertainment – the agency of Han So Hee expressed their surprise and said, “We only learned about Han So Hee not participating in ‘The Price of Confession’ through the news and are currently in the process of confirming related information.”


On the other hand, Studio Dragon, the company in charge of production, also stated that they are unaware of the ongoing situation. “H Production, our co-production company, is fully in charge of the casting”, they announced. 

Meanwhile, H Production’s parent company, SLL, said, “The person in charge of H Production was unclear about their information, so we are only relaying their perspective regarding ‘The Price of Confession’. We are also investigating the ongoing situation.” 

Previously, Korean media outlets reported that Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee, alongside director Shim Ra Yeon, have decided to withdraw from “The Prince of Confession” due to certain conflicts with the production team. 

Source: K Crush

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