What happened when Han Ga-in, who is in her 40s, revealed her hidden personality

Han Ga-in is at the center of attention with her appearance that is stuck in her 20s but talks about things for people in their 40s. 

Like Hwang Shin-hye, the so-called “AI beauty” of the 1980s, there are stars who approach the public intensely mostly with their visuals. These stars are imprinted on the audience’s mind with their beautiful looks rather than their talents. Sadly, most people don’t want to see anything other than their appearance.

Han Ga-in personality

Actress Han Ga-in also made headlines at once for her innocent yet Western visual. Moreover, she had already captivated people’s attention even before her debut in the entertainment industry. As is well known, she made headlines for her outstanding appearance when he appeared in interviews with KBS’ “Challenge Golden Bell” and “KBS News” when she was in high school. Afterward, starting with the Asiana Airlines’ commercial, she entered the industry of dramas and movies.

Han Ga-in personality

As an actress, Han Ga-in has had several failures, but she has built a successful career despite those. However, her acting has never become more of a hot topic than her appearance. She was a quiet actress in her 20s with a sentimental image of one’s first love as seen through the movies “Once Upon A Time in High School” and “Architecture 101”. Of course, Seo-yeon in “Architecture 101” was in some ways a character who broke her character of the quiet and innocent first love. However, it took quite some time for the public to know the real character of Han Ga-in, as director Lee Yong-joo has said.

Han Ga-in personality

In early 2022, Han Ga-in became even a more viral topic than when she appeared on MBC’s “The Moon Embracing the Sun”. Han Ga-in succeeded in rebuilding her image by breaking her past ones through web entertainment “MMTG” and SBS “Circle House” in a very short time.

The beginning of this was thanks to “MMTG” hosted by Jae Jae. Han Ga-in showed her hidden personality to the public through this short broadcast. She explained that the feminine and innocent character revealed in movies, dramas, and commercials have been her “second character” only, and that her real personality is more active, cool, and honest. Han Ga-in has locked up her career in her 20s and 30s, saying she couldn’t remember because she wasn’t really herself. Han also honestly talked about her marriage and childcare life. Surprisingly, Han Ga-in’s chat was almost about herself only, but it didn’t feel like a fuss. It rather feels like listening to a self-objectified person talk lightly about her past and present, making everyone focus on her.

Han Ga-in personality

In this broadcast, Han Ga-in also created new buzzwords such as “It’s frustrating” by telling her stories with her husband, Yeon Jeong-hoon. Meanwhile, in “MMTG”, Jae Jae found a new aspect of Han Ga-in’s personality which “does not like to listen to others.” For this reason, this particular episode of “MMTG” has become a pleasantly comical situation as Han Ga-in calmly said what she wanted to say while listening to sensible jokes that Jae Jae made to raise the atmosphere.

With the web entertainment show “MMTG”, Han Ga-in quickly became a hot topic. Afterward, Han Ga-in shows another twist on SBS’s “Circle House.” In fact, the “personality of not listening to others” was Han Ga-in’s thought only. Han Ga-in showed the most accurate empathy at the moment she had to focus on “Circle House”. This time, she honestly told the public the sincere behind-the-scenes story of her early marriage.

Han Ga-in personality

“Circle House” is a program centered on Professor Oh Eun-young who advocates a counseling center that listens to the concerns of young people. Cheolbyeok, a middle school teacher who appeared on the first broadcast, says he is an iron wall to dating, and through this program, he expresses his feelings for his father who turned his back on his family. At this moment, Han Ga-in agrees with Cheolbyeok’s words and says she can understand the feelings. Han Ga-in also confessed that she has no feelings towards her father due to poor family affairs, and that she also wanted to be a member of the happy family of Yeon Jeong-hoon.

Han Ga-in also talked about concerns regarding childcare and childbirth one after another. And the story of Han Ga-in did not come out as a star’s rambling. The story of her self-objectified past concerns was enough to ring the golden bell of empathy for people with similar concerns.

Han Ga-in personality

As such, Han Ga-in stood out through “MMTG” and “Circle House”. Sometimes cheerfully, sometimes seriously, Han Ga-in is well aware of what kind of conversation suits what type of situation. She is also well aware of what stories resonated with people’s reason and emotions. Looking at her career when she was younger, it is true that Han Ga-in has the quality of becoming a star, but it was a little overestimating to say that she was an attractive actress. However, Han Ga-in has proved that she is an attractive star in a short time just by talking about one’s life in a way that is simple but attractive. Ga-in in her 20s lost her voice, but Ga-in in her 40s can now meet new fans who sympathize with her voice.

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