A series of reasons to fall for Nam Joo Hyuk in Twenty Five, Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One has brought another national crush to Korean drama lovers.

As one of the three Korean dramas that will begin airing in 2022, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” attracts a lot of viewers’ attention when exploiting a healing, gentle, pleasant and meaningful story. In addition to the impressive female lead, the male lead Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) also quickly caught the attention of fans when possessing a profile that was the standard national boyfriend, handsome, nice, knowledgeable, warm and know how to flirt.

Nam Joo Hyuk Twenty Five Twenty One

Compared with other casts (both male and female) in the drama, viewers can still easily see that Yi Jin stands out more thanks to his handsome face, tall physique, and 6-pack abs that attract all eyes. Besides, Yi Jin also exudes the appearance of a mature man, both in acting and thinking. Notably, because the drama is set in 1998, Yi Jin’s dressing style is also very different from Nam Joo Hyuk in real life, he mainly mixes jeans with T-shirts, chemise, making a simple but extremely attractive style that brings a feeling of youth and friendliness.

Being beautiful is not enough, Yi Jin was famous during his school days as an all-rounder student in both academic subjects and extracurricular activities. In terms of love affairs, Yi Jin is also a genius. “Because I see you, I want to laugh”, “I like you recklessly like that, looking at you makes me think of myself”, “Because you make me expect. So, I want more”, etc. is a series of unintentionally flirty lines of Yi Jin in the drama.

Notably, Yi Jin was born to a wealthy family as the son of the director of Korea’s Hanbo steel company. However, when knowing that the family went bankrupt, instead of being depressed or discouraged, Yi Jin proved to be extremely understanding, striving with a forward-thinking attitude. The proof is that when moving to a new place, Yi Jin immediately applied for all kinds of part-time jobs, from delivering newspapers to working at a storybook shop. Every day, he tries to find a job with the desire to earn a lot of money, support himself, raise his younger brother and revive his family. Yi Jin also shows warmth and mature thinking when talking to adults, especially with his father, instead of blaming or asking for help, Yi Jin always says he’s fine and promises to help his family reunite again.

Nam Joo Hyuk Twenty Five Twenty One

Besides, Yi Jin also shows his warmth, tolerance and always transmits positive energy to Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri). He was the one who advised and guided her on what to do to pursue her dream even though they had just met for the first time. If Na Hee Do brings a lot of laughter thanks to her fresh, enthusiastic and carefree energy, Yi Jin always conveys the feeling of being a solid friend, who will give you advice on what to do or not. Those two energies blend together, making viewers also feel confident, want to move forward and put more effort into pursuing their own passion because even though life has many difficulties and stumbles, just keep trying and everything will get better.

Nam Joo Hyuk Twenty Five Twenty One

Whether Yi Jin will forever be the nation’s crush or a couple with Na Hee Do, let’s watch the next episodes of Twenty Five, Twenty One every Saturday and Sunday night on tvN.

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