Lee Sun-bin burst into laughter when Kim Jong-kook indirectly mentioned Lee Kwang-soo on ‘Wild Idol’

Yoon Jun-hyeop showed his speed while Kim Jong-kook indirectly mentioned Lee Kwang-soo on ‘Wild Idol’. 

On MBC’s audition program ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Wild Idol’), which aired on the evening of October 7, a game was held to capture the golden box on the river.  On this day, Kim Jong-kook said, “‘Wild Idol’ has a trademark. That’s running” and showed his admiration for the race of applicants. 

In the beginning, Team D’s Yoon Jae-chan was quick, but Team C’s Yoon Jun-hyeop took the lead as soon as he jumped into the water. 

lee kwang soo lee sun bin

Lee Jae-joon said, “One giant passed by lightly.” Yoon Jun-hyeop also expressed his pride, “I knew that I’m fast.” Then, Kim Jong-kook mentioned Lee Kwang-soo, “Jun-hyeop’s also good at running. The giants seem to run well. One giant I know runs really well. It’d be great if he did that.” Hearing this, Lee Sun-bin – Lee Kwang-soo’s girlfriend – burst into laughter, therefore attracted viewers’ attention.

Source: Nate

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