“I was driving in my car when BTS suddenly appeared and sing “Butter” on the street”

BTS gave a surprised performance at a crosswalk in Los Angeles (LA). 

According to CBS’s popular talk show “The Late Show With James Corden” (James Corden Show) on Nov 23rd, BTS suddenly appeared in the middle of a road in downtown Los Angeles.

On the same day, BTS performed their hit song “Butter” which was a huge hit as it topped the Billboard singles chart “Hot 100” for 10 weeks.

The surprise performance appears to have been filmed ahead of the James Corden Show.

This is a corner of the “James Corden Show”, a so-called “Crosswalk Concert” in which invited stars perform on the crosswalks during the red light.

James Corden said on his official Twitter account, “Before tonight’s Late Late Show with BTS, here’s a little peek at the incredible Crosswalk Concert they filmed today that will air in an upcoming episode!”

Since then, there have been a series of fanaccounts on various SNS that they have seen BTS. One of the fans even uploaded a video, saying, “BTS is performing “Butter” on the street right in front of us right now.” In addition, many fans even cheered and sang along to “Butter”.

Those who watched the video responded, “Are the hearts of ARMYs at the scene okay?” and “I’m excited just by watching the video”.

Meanwhile, the “James Corden Show” starring BTS will air today on June 24th. 

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