Han Ga-in made everyone laugh by saying her husband and she has zero MBTI compatibility

Actress Han Ga-in mentioned the compatibility of her and her spouse Yeon Jung-hoon.

On January 27th, the web variety show MMTG posted a video titled, “It’s frustrating,” Han Ga-in doesn’t like all the pictures taken by Yeon Jung-hoon. How did she endure it all this time?”

Han Ga-in, who appeared as a guest in the released video, said, “I believe in MBTI a little,” adding, “I know it as an ESTJ.”

han ga in

“I was curious about MBTI, so I tried it with my husband (Yeon Jung-hoon), we have zero compatibility,” and she continued, “He is ENFJ. It doesn’t suit mine,” drawing laughter.

Han Ga-in said to her husband, “Oppa, every person has to do this test these days.” And he said, “Why do I have to do this?” “He kept asking me back. After that, he said, “I’m ENFJ.” I thought it didn’t suit mine,” the actress added.

The actress revealed, “My husband says I’m the scariest. When I asked, “Why are you scared?” he said, “I’m a person who’s too hard to handle,” adding, “I make sure of everything and plan ahead, but on the contrary, my husband just lies down every day.” “I’m frustrated as I can’t stand seeing him like that,” she confessed.

In particular, the actress said, “At our wedding, I was the one who dragged him all around,” adding, “I’m always at the front door when we go out. My husband is really slow. I’m in such a hurry that I’m walking in place,” she said, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Han Ga-in married fellow actor Yeon Jeong-hoon in 2005. The two have two children together and are known as a power couple of Korean showbiz.

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