Han Ga-in: “I was in charge of childcare for two children up to 36 months, I even got anxiety disorders”

Ga-in confessed that the more stable her two children become, the more unstable she becomes. 

In SBS’s youth counseling project “Circle House”, which first aired on February 24th, Oh Eun-young, Han Ga-in, Lee Seung-gi, Noh Hong-chul, and Lee Jung met for the first time.

Circle House

In the broadcast that day, Oh Eun-young expressed her fangirl heart for Han Ga-in, saying, “I was so excited yesterday because I get to see Han Ga-in,” and Han Ga-in said, “I thought of Mrs. Oh when I woke up in the morning and took a shower. I was thinking ‘Will she be washing up right now, too?’” expressing her fangirl heart for Oh Eun-young as well.

Circle House

Lee Seung-ki also said, “When I heard that was going to meet Han Ga-in, I was also excited,” expressing his fan sentiment. Noh Hong-cheol welcomed Han Ga-in‘s appearance on entertainment programs, saying, “Other actors only appear on dramas and stuff, but you come out on our ‘Circle House’.”

Han Ga-in said, “It’s my first time on an entertainment show,” and Lee Seung-ki said, “The problem is, we are all fooled. Her chatting when we eat was no joke. I asked why you decided to appear, and she said she wanted to make the recording as long as possible,” he said, revealing Han Ga-in‘s talkative side. Han Ga-in said, “I don’t want to go home. You can call me early in the morning and let me go home late, it’s fine” she confessed with a smile.

Circle House

Han Ga-in then said, “I have two children. The principle I established alone was that I would take charge of them and raise them by myself until they are 36 months. Fortunately, I was able to control my work. There are so many mothers who can’t afford to do it even if they want to do it like me,” she said.

Circle House

Han Ga-in said, “But in fact, the more attached and stable the kids grew to be, the more unstable I am. There was a time when I had an anxiety disorder and had to receive counseling. I used to be a person who laughs a lot and plays around a lot, but I just talked less. When I talk to a baby, I can only make dinosaur sounds and tiger sounds. There’s no place to talk. It’s so nice to be able to talk,” she confessed.

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