41-year-old actress Han Ga-in surprised everyone with her ageless beauty in a recent update

Actress Han Ga-in, known to be Yeon Jung-hoon’s wife, recently boasted her beauty.

On January 22nd, a video titled, “Ga-in made a secret space for adults who are still children in their hearts!”, was uploaded on SBS’s Instagram account. In the video, Han Ga-in, who appears in “Circle House of Secret Counseling Center for Adults”, was talking with the viewers in the concept of a video call, drawing attention.

Han Ga-in ageless beauty

She said, “How are you? Since there are now fewer chances to gather with people, you must have a lot of worries that you couldn’t speak out, rights?  I will take this opportunity to listen to the concerns of you all, my friend, properly. If we gather up and talk together, we will find out a breakthrough”.

Han Ga-in ageless beauty

Netizens who watched the video were amazed by Han Ga-in’s charming beauty. Even though she has entered her 40s, the actress still showed off her flawless skin without wrinkles, drawing admiration. Fans also responded, saying, “Yeon Jung-hoon is definitely one of the top 3 thieves in Korea”, “Han Ga-in is not aging at all. I envy you so much”.

Han Ga-in ageless beauty

Meanwhile, Han Ga-in married actress Yeon Jung-hoon in 2005. The couple has one son and one daughter.


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