Taeyang discussed BIGBANG’s next comeback, “I’m one of the people who want it the most”

BIGBANG member Taeyang mentioned how he and other BIGBANG members can do a lot together in the future in a recent interview.

On January 16th, a video titled “The real reason why Taeyang and Jimin’s world views collided” was published on the YouTube channel 1theK original. Here, Taeyang gushed about his son, family life, as well as future plans with BIGBANG. 

Bigbang-Still Life

In 2022, Big Bang released the digital single “Still Life” and returned as a full group after 4 years. Regarding such a comeback, Taeyang revealed that the song was originally written to be included in his solo album, however, when Teddy said it would feel good to have BIGBANG sing it, the male idol agreed. 

“I thought it’d be good, so I worked on it together with the other members. So it means a lot to me. I think I was able to convey various emotions and thoughts to the fans and comfort them. So it feels special to me”, he said.


Then, when asked “When will BIGBANG make a comeback?”, Taeyang replied, “Well, someday, we will be back with good music. Everyone wants it, I’m one of the people who want it the most”. 

“Even right now, although I’m here, seeing and talking to the fans at Look Me Up as a solo artist, a part of me feels a bit of sadness. I wish that all the members were here with me together to see the fans. Even as I’m filming this show now, a part of me feels hoping that the members and I can do a lot together in the future. There will never be a group like BIGBANG ever again. You will forever remain in a corner of my heart. Thank you so much, and I hope you are always happy”, he added.

Finally, Taeyang said, “I really want to do a concert too. I really want to see our fans at the concert. I really want to meet you at the concert venue.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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