Oh My Girl’ YooA revealed the identity of the man who was publicly mentioned on her InstaStory yesterday.

YooA wrote a message of support for her brother, Yoo Jun-sun, who is participating in Street Man Fighter.

On the 8th, YooA posted on her Instagram Story a screenshot of the YGX group’s global evaluation mission video (taken from the show “Street Man Fighter”) with the caption, “Fighting Yoo Jun-sun. Don’t cry, Babu,”.


Yoo Jun-sun is the exclusice director of the famous dance studio 1M and the brother of Oh My Girl YooA, and a member of YGX on this global mission.

Junsun Yoo
YooA Junsun Yoo

On the other hand, YooA’s group Oh My Girl released the second full album “Real Love” in March.


Source: Wikitree

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