Kang Ha-neul explained his refusal to be arm-in-arm with IU, “It was a joke. I didn’t see IU’s hand”

Actor Kang Ha-neul personally explained the situation for each one of “Weird Kang Ha-neul Photo Series”

On the 27th, a video titled “Kang Sky, who is not nice anymore (?)” was posted on Channel Fullmoon, a YouTube channel produced by PD Na Young-seok.

kang ha neul

This is an edited video of Kang Ha-neul who recently had a live talk show with Na PD. In the video, producer Na Young-seok said, “We had a celebrity guest for the first time on live. If Kang Ha-neul, a famous story maker in the entertainment industry, falls off the tightrope, today is the last live broadcast of a star that we’re going to have,” then jokingly told Kang Ha-neul not to curse as usual.

In this live broadcast, producer Na Young-seok showed a series of photos titled “Weird Kang Ha-neul Photo Series” and demanded an explanation for each photo from him.

kang ha neul

In the second photo, Kang Ha-neul crossed his arms in front of IU, which looks like he refused to be arm-in-arm with her. This photo was taken at the press conference for the drama “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” in which he co-starred with IU. Kang Ha-neul explained, “As I was standing awkwardly with IU, a reporter asked us to link arms for photos. So I bit my lips saying, “Like this?” while crossing my arms instead. It was a joke.”

Producer Na Young-seok said, “Isn’t IU’s hand already out?” and Kang Ha-neul said, “I didn’t see it. If I had seen it, I wouldn’t have made such a joke.”

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