MAXIM magazine plans to debut the sexiest girl group in KPOP history under their newly established entertainment agency

The hottest girl group in KPOP history is likely to appear. MAXIM has announced its entry into the idol business.

On January 18th, MAXIM announced the establishment of its independent subsidiary MX Entertainment and recruited experts in order to launch an idol group project in earnest. MX Entertainment plans to form a girl group with only top winners of Miss MAXIM.

MAXIM wants to expand its scope with full-fledged entertainment activities, such as albums, broadcasting, performances, and events by debuting its models from their representative content “Miss MAXIM” as an official idol group through systematic and professional management. They aim to become the pioneer in the adult idol market, a niche market in the domestic KPOP idol industry.

MAXIM magazine
MAXIM’s “Mis Maxim” 

MAXIM said they would secure a solid fandom from the beginning of the girl group’s debut based on their long-time readers and the reputation of their monthly magazine. Based on its clear concept in planning and know-how, MAXIM wants to create a high-quality adult idol group that is distinct from existing girl groups.

In addition, together with IPTV channel, they are planning a reality program that contains the selection process for the “Debut Group”. Starting with this, MAXIM plans to make their new group a hot issue and carry out full-fledged activities.

Attention is focusing on whether MAXIM idols will be able to satisfy the public eyes and gain fans except for their existing loyal readers. An official from MX Entertainment said, “Matching with MAXIM’s image, we plan to make this idol group the sexiest girl group in Korea. We want to create a breakthrough for models on existing magazines and provide a new way for direct communication with fans for a long time in reality.”

The Korean version of MAXIM came out for the first time in 2002. Since 2011, the “Miss MAXIM” contest has been held annually to discover hot and attractive models.


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