“Squid Game” actress Lee Yoo-mi surprises netizens with her transformation with greater acting and visual in “All of Us Are Dead”

Lee Yoo-mi, who became famous after appearing in “Squid Game”, continued to steal the spotlight with her performance in the zombie series “All of Us Are Dead”.

Lee Yoo-mi rose to stardom after “Squid Game” and attracted huge attention from global movie fans. Born in 1994, this young actress perfectly portrayed Ji-young, who looks cold on the outside and has many untold secrets, in “Squid Game”. Although she didn’t have much screen time, Lee Yoo-mi still left a great impression on the viewers, thanks to her outstanding acting skills.

Not disappointing the audiences, Lee Yoo-mi continued to transform herself with a new character in Netflix’s recently released zombie series “All of Us Are Dead”. In this drama, she takes on the role of Na-yeon, an arrogant and selfish girl. Ever since the very first episodes of “All of Us Are Dead”, the character Na-yeon has shocked the viewers and made them frustrated with many twists related to her.

Fans will see a new Lee Yoo-mi in “All of Us Are Dead”: She talks more but has selfish and arrogant personalities
Fans will see a new Lee Yoo-mi in “All of Us Are Dead”: She talks more but has selfish and arrogant personalities

When the zombie virus began to spread all over the school, Na-yeon and her friends found out an empty room to hide. However, since the zombie crisis intensified, they had to fight to survive. The fact that anyone who gets bitten will turn into a zombie made friends suspect each other.

Born with a selfish personality, Na-yeon always prioritizes herself and never admits her mistakes. After having a fight with a friend about whether he had been bitten by the zombies or not, she did an unexpected action that shocked all her friends.

Throughout the whole series, Lee Yoo Mi brought about impressive performances when playing the arrogant student Na-young who later blamed herself for the crime she committed. The audiences might get angry at the annoying personality of Na-yeon at the beginning of the drama but will sympathize with her after watching more episodes.

All episodes of “All of Us Are Dead” were released on Netflix on January 28th.

“All of Us Are Dead” is receiving favorable reviews for its well-written plot, thrilling action scenes and unexpected twists. 
“All of Us Are Dead” official trailer
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