44-year-old Lee Hyo-ri shares thoughts on the passing of time: “My face gets old now”

Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed her thoughts on the passing of time.

On TVING’s original reality show “Seoul Check-in“, which was first released on Jan 29th, Lee Hyo-ri was seen looking for Uhm Jung-hwa after the 2021 MAMA rehearsal.

Seoul Check-in

On this day, Lee Hyo-ri shared her MAMA rehearsal review with Uhm Jung-hwa. Lee Hyo-ri sadly said, “I worked hard today. It feels kind of weird. It’s like ’10 Minutes’, ‘U-Go-Girl’ and ‘Bad Girl’, but my face gets old now.”

Uhm Jung-hwa shouted, “You’re not old at all.” Lee Hyo-ri continued, “The ‘Street Woman Fighter’ kids don’t look tired no matter how many rehearsals they have. It’s my first time coming to Paju Studio. All the staff are young and I’m not close to them. The world has changed, but I feel like I’m the only one treading water. I feel really weird.”

Seoul Check-in

Uhm Jung-hwa, who was listening to Lee Hyo-ri with a smile, sympathized, “You think I don’t know that? It’s touching that you realize those feelings.” 

“You were so young during the ‘Disco’ era. If I see this in 10 years, I’ll think I’m young. But at that time, I don’t think so. If you focus on it too much, you’re the only one who gets depressed. It’s not something we can change,” Lee Hyo-ri said.

Seoul Check-in

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri thanked Uhm Jung-hwa for her existence and said, “You don’t have a senior like you, do you?” “How did you survive?” she asked. Uhm Jung-hwa said, “No, I don’t. I don’t know. I drank,” she laughed, and Lee Hyo-ri said, “I’m about to cry. Unnie, this is sad. You have no one to talk about this, right?” the singer felt sorry for her senior.

Surprised by Lee Hyo-ri‘s tears, Uhm Jung-hwa smiled, “Why are you crying?” Lee Hyo-ri kept wiping away her tears and said, “Since I’ve become old, I like this kind of thing. I come to understand things. I used to think I was the best, but now I can see everything. I’m not jealous of the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ kids being busy and loved, I think they’re so pretty and hope things go well for them instead. I think I’ve grown up,” she said with a smile.


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