“Original national younger sister” Moon Geun-young shows off her unchanging beauty with bare face

Actress Moon Geun-young boasted her youthful appearance with lovely aegyo.

On January 29th, Moon Geun-young posted a photo on her Instagram along with the hashtags saying “#In_place_of_live_broadcast #Here’s_selca #Happy_new_year“. In the photo, Moon Geun-young was taking a picture with a close-up of her face. The actress showed lovely aegyo as well as a V pose with both hands. 

Moon Geun-young bare face

Moon Geun-young’s bare face without makeup attracted attention. The points that made her face stand out such as clear features, thick eyebrows and white skin drew admiration.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun-young starred in KBS Drama Special 2021’s “Abyss” that aired in December last year.

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