Here’s how self-proclaimed fans turn their back on GOT7’s Jackson amid his dating rumor 

Recent controversies about Jackson’s career and personal life have received much attention.

In recent days, GOT7’s Jackson Wang and (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi have been rumored to be dating after a video of the two allegedly spending time together at the male idol’s house was spread on SNS. Amid the dating rumor, Jackson has continued to become the center of another controversy when a netizen claimed to be Jackson’s longtime fan and exposed bad things about him. 

Jackson is constantly entangled in rumors both in terms of his personal life and professional career 

This self-proclaimed fan (temporarily called A) said they were Jackson’s fan since the early days of his career, but decided to unstan him. Specifically, A claimed that every figure showing Jackson’s achievement was bought by fans. A added that Jackson’s label in China, Team Wang, told the fandom that Jackson’s money was kept by his mother so they did not have money.

A former fan claimed Jackson’s achievements were the results of fans’ money, he didn’t spend a dime. 

A revealed that Jackson even used money to suppress Kris Wu’s MV. The male idol was also accused of plagiarizing songs by famous Western singers.

kris wu
An ex-fan said Jackson spent money to negatively affect Kris Wu’s performance

Immediately after A’s post was shared, many other accounts claiming to be Jackson’s ex-fans also spoke out to denounce the male idol’s personality. Some said that Jackson used fake degrees, him turning down an offer from Stanford University scholarship and giving up the Olympics to become a K-pop idol were all made up so he could build an admirable image.

Jackson was accused by former fans of faking stories about himself

In response to the accusations of the self-proclaimed fans, Jackson’s side has not yet issued any reply. Meanwhile, the male idol’s fans are very confused about this scandal. In addition, there are still people who do not believe and ask the accounts to give evidence and reliable data.

  • You can see that this is totally made up. You try to make this a scandal but do you have any proof? 
  • Even if I hate him, I still think this fan is more like a disguised anti-fan.
  • In general, it’s hard to believe that it’s a scandal if there’s no evidence.
  • Remember Kris Wu’s saying “No snowflake is pure”. Jackson just got into a scandal with Yuqi, now it’s a case of longtime fans leaving the fandom, I don’t know what will happen next.

Before that, Jackson was also involved in dating rumors with Yuqi ((G)-IDLE). According to Chinese media, on the return trip to Beijing, Yuqi was picked up by Jackson’s car to the male idol’s private apartment and spent the night there. The next day, the paparazzi spotted Yuqi returning to the hotel, holding a bouquet of flowers suspected to be given by Jackson. 

Besides, Jackson was also suspected of cheating while dating Yuqi. Specifically, after Yuqi returned to Korea to attend activities with (G)-IDLE, paparazzi caught another two girls who were brought to the apartment by Jackson’s personal driver and spent the night there. However, the male idol’s office later denied the dating and promiscuous rumors, saying that it was just a normal gathering of friends.

Jackson denied having a relationship with Yuqi. 

Currently, Jackson and his office have not yet commented on this noise. The male idol’s fans are also extremely confused and controversial on social networking forums.

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