6 K-Pop Idols Who Take Temporary Hiatus or Leave Group Due to Poor Health Conditions

Six idol group members suffer from poor health conditions this year.

In recent years, the K-pop industry has been criticized for its demanding schedules and intense pressure on idols, which can lead to health problems. Due to health reasons, some idols temporarily halted their activities to take a break or left the group due to long resting period. Some returned after taking a break.

Alice’s Do-A and Yeonje, DRIPPIN’s Alex, TNX’s Cheon Jun-hyeok, Lapillus’ Chanty and NCT’s Haechan mostly debuted as minors and stood on stage instead of going to school.

On March 6th, Alice’s Do-A and Yeonje announced a temporary suspension of activities due to poor health conditions. Accordingly, Alice will maintain the five-member system.


The two recently visited the hospital and were advised by medical professionals to take a break and get some rest.

Do-A and Yeonje (born in 1999) debuted at the age of 18. Do-A appeared in SBSfunE’s “Walgadak Beauty”, welike’s “Battle Co-Deok Show” and participated in writing the lyrics of Alice’s songs “Lovely” and “No Big Deal.” Yeonje has been active in dramas, music videos, musicals and advertisements.

DRIPPIN’s Alex, who announced a temporary suspension of activities on January 26th, is still a minor. He was born in 2004 and is now 18 years old.

He worked in the entertainment industry as a kid model, including appearing on SBS’s “Golbal Junior Show” (2011) and EBS’s “Ggurugi Life Inquiry” (2012).


Alex has shown symptoms of poor health conditions and will focus on recovering his health after discussions with his parents and agency.

TNX, a boy group under P Nation, started promoting as a five-member group without Cheon Jun-hyeok, who had to suspend activities due to health reasons. TNX released their second mini-album “Love Never Dies” last month.

Cheon Jun-hyeok stopped activities on January 11th after showing symptoms of anxiety. He was born in 2004 and is still a minor.

TNX Cheon Jun Hyeok thumbnail

P Nation said, “Cheon Jun-hyeok recently received an examination at a specialized medical institution after experiencing symptoms of anxiety due to physical decline, and was diagnosed by a specialist that he needed sufficient rest and stability.

Lapillus’ Chanty, who announced on January 19th that she would focus on resting, was a model in the Philippines before moving to Korea in 2021.

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She debuted at the age of 15 and is currently the lead vocalist of Lapillus.

NCT Haechan (under SM Entertainment) suspended his activities due to health reasons on January 7th, but returned 20 days later.

nct haechan

Haechan started his trainee life in the first year of middle school. He debuted at the age of 16 and is currently a member of NCT as well as its subgroups NCT127, NCT DREAM, and NCT U.

Besides, DKZ Mun Ik, who suspended his activities in August 2021 due to psychological issues, eventually left the group.

Mun Ik debuted with DKZ in 2019 at the age of 18. During his school days, he joined Dongyo Entertainment and spent about two years as a trainee.

Source: Daum

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