When Kpop idols send love messages to their fans: One song for thousands of promises

Fans have a number of ways of express their love to idols. Similarly, the way Kpop idols show their love…

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The filmography of Kim Da Mi, whose acting has been amazing since her debut

Actress Kim Da Mi (born in 1995) made her debut in the 2018 film "Marionette".

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SM’s efforts to overcome crisis: Artists are busy with comeback and tours, are expected to take a central role in the future 

SM artists are expected to be more central in SM’s future development with “SM 3.0.”

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Changes in the K-pop landscape are prompting different strategies from within K-pop so that the music industry can continue its momentum 

Critics believed it depended on major groups and the changing strategies and promotions in K-pop for the future generation.

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Best quotes from “The Glory Part 2” that send chills down the viewers’ spine, “Why do the poor always believe in things like poetic justice or karma?”

“The Glory”’s battle of words left a strong impression on the audience for its profound meanings and commentary.

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Song Hye Kyo shows off a stellar and powerful close friend circle: From high-profile, veteran actresses and singers to a rising, prominent model of Korea

Song Hye Kyo’s close friend groups never cease to amaze the public for their overwhelming influence.

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“Chameleon actress” Cha Joo Young takes on various styles for drama roles, magazine shootings and award show appearances 

 Notably, her real-life images stand in stark contrast to her appearance on “The Glory.” 

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Lee Hi’s life and career takes a turn for the better after YG: The singer shows a respectful attitude to her old company, nevertheless

The soloist’s career has never been better at her new home, AOMG Entertainment.

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Most haunting “The Glory” villain: A famous actor with amazing acting chops and frequent appearances on mega-hit dramas

The twisted psychopath in Part 2 of “The Glory” is played by none other than the one and only Lee…

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More fun when you know it: ‘The Glory’ plot twists

Interesting plot twists in The Glory make the public go crazy

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