Fans are debating whether who will be the new center of I.O.I when Somi is not there

Somi won’t join I.O.I’s upcoming reunion, which means that another member will be chosen to be the center.

I.O.I’s reunion in October has stirred up the entire K-Pop fan community. However, Somi and Yeonjung will be absent due to their personal schedules. Yeonjung was the main vocalist, however fans are sure that Chungha or Sejeong can totally stand in for her. However, Somi’s center position is a very difficult question. Fans are guessing who will be chosen as the center for I.O.I’s upcoming track.

The visual trio Chaeyeon – Kyulkyung – Doyeon are currently the 3 most favorite choices. Each has their own charm, an outstanding visual and physique with experience of being the center of their respected teams. Chaeyeon fits well with a soft and innocent concept, Kyulkyung with elegant concepts, while Doyeon attracts attention with her height and unique visuals with a girlcrush appeal.

Fans are debating whether who will be the new center of I.O.I when Somi is not there
Signing with The Black Label, we all thought that Somi’s career will have a bright future ahead, not the current situation.

If judging by popularity, Sejeong and Chungha will be very strong contestants. Sejeong was the rival of Somi during their fight for the center chair on “PRODUCE 101” and had never gone under the #3 position during eliminations. Chungha is currently one of the most successful female solos of K-Pop. Many say that because Chungha has had to receive the loss for this reunion, it’s best that she receives the center position.

Chungha (left) and Sejeong are the 2 most popular members of I.O.I.

I.O.I is a rare group with members that are all attractive enough to be the center with their own charms and a huge fandom. Even though their reunion will only last for 6 months, fans still support this project and consider it a present for both the fandom and the members themselves. I.O.I disbanded in 2017, but in many interviews, the 11 members mention that they still keep in touch through a group chat, support each other’s personal schedule, and remain close friends.

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