Song Hye Kyo shows off a stellar and powerful close friend circle: From high-profile, veteran actresses and singers to a rising, prominent model of Korea

Park Hyo Joo, Choi Hee Seo, Ki Eun Se

Song Hye Kyo has a close relationship with three other famous actresses in Korea, including Park Hyo Joo, Choi Hee Seo and Ki Eun Se. Throughout their careers, these actresses have gained recognition from both in and out of Korea. They frequently get together for meals and relaxation after hours of work.


Kim Hee Sun, Song Yoon Ah and Park Sol Mi

In her early days in the entertainment industry, Song Hye Kyo met with Kim Hee Sun and Song Yoon Ah, who gave her invaluable advice during her early years with acting. It is through them that Song Hye Kyo developed a close relationship with Park Sol Mi.

Of late, Song Hye Kyo is getting together again with Kim Hee Sun and Song Yoon Ah. Song Hye Kyo and Song Yoon Ah even took photos for Kim Hee Sun, drawing attention for their cute everyday-life interactions.

20 years ago, Kim Hee Sun was an actress who rode the Hallyu wave and brought K-dramas closer to Asian audience. She was among the highest-paid artists in appearance fee during her golden days. Song Yoon Ah also achieved pan-Asian success thanks to a variety of TV dramas such as “On Air” or “Hotelier.” She was among the highest-paid artists in appearance fee in the peak of her career as well. Park Sol Mi was best known for her appearance in “Winter Sonata” and “All In.”


Song Hye Kyo and Lee Jin (Fin.K.L) were best friends during their times at Eunkwang Girls’ High School. They studied in the same class and were the hot girls in the school. After joining the industry, Song Hye Kyo also grew in closeness to other members of Fin.K.L such as Lee Hyori, Sung Yuri and Ock Joo Hyun.

They frequently met up at a beauty salon and created many unforgettable memories of youth. After many years, the friend group still maintain a close friendship and interact with each other on social media,

song hye kyo bf

After Fin.K.L disbanded, each member walked their separate paths. Lee Hyori became a soloist and is loved for her sexy concept. She helped spread the K-pop wave to many countries in the world. Sung Yuri pursued acting and received many commercially successful works. Some of her notable works are “The Snow Queen,” “Hong Gil Dong” and “Feast of the Gods.” Lee Jin caused a stir with the 2002 drama “Nonstop 3” and is scoring big in the movie scene. Ock Joo Hyun, on the other hand, follows a career in musical acting.

Shin Hyun Ji

Shin Hyun Ji boasts a close friendship with Song Hye Kyo despite a 15-year age gap. They are almost always by each other’s side. Hyun Ji was born in 1996 and was the winner of the “2013 Korea’s Next Top Model.” She has walked famous runways around the world and is a prominent figure in the fashion scene.

shin hyun ji

Shin Hyun Ji, recently, made history by being the first Asian to walk the closing show for Chanel in the “Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023”. The model is also close to Jennie (BLACKPINK) and has attended a BLACKPINK concert to show her support.

Source: K14

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