The 14-year friendship between actress Park Eun Bin and her Japanese fan Minori

The precious friendship of Park Eun Bin and a longtime Japanese fan draws attention.

At her fanmeeting in Tokyo, Japan on November 19th, Park Eun Bin said, “A longtime fan who taught me Japanese buzzwords is here. She is sitting over there, and I recognized her at once”, and waved her hands happily, raising the curiosity of about 2,000 audiences. 

The fan Park Eun Bin mentioned is Minori, who is the same age as Park Eun Bin (30 years old). She, who worked at a clothing company, looks small and wears glasses.

When fans clapped during her performance, Park Eun Bin said, “Japanese fans are the best”, in Japanese. She introduced, “It was that friend who taught me this expression”, and received a round of applause. Even translators may not know the latter part of the expression Park Eun Bin said because it’s a newly-coined word and it means “~the best”. This buzzword is used to refer to one’s favorite member of an idol group.

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Through conversations and e-mails with reporters, Minori revealed, “I began to like Park Eun Bin after watching the drama ‘The Legend’ (2007), and I’ve been supporting her with the same enthusiastic heart for 14 years”. She continued, “The relationship between Korea and Japan was not good in 2008, but I started sending gifts and letters to Park Bing (Park Eun Bin’s nickname) because I wanted to be closer to her. I even went to Korea”. What’s surprising is that Park Eun Bin posted proof shots of the gifts from Minori many times and the actress also sent Minori handwritten letters.

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Minori shared, “I was deeply moved to see Park Eun Bin using and posting photos of the gifts, such as watches, dresses, and dolls, I sent her. Park Bing loves her fans a lot”. 

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Minori also said, “I and my Japanese friends made the surprise video with messages for Park Eun Bin, and it was shown in the last part of the performance. The actress cried as soon as she watched it. After the show, I felt rewarded as many fans from Korea came and thanked us. I hope Korea and Japan get along well with each other.”

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Lastly, Minori said in Korean, “It’s all thanks to Park Bing. She’s the person who makes us feel endlessly happy”. 

Park Eun Bin will return to Korea on November 22nd after finishing her ‘6 days & 5 nights’ schedule in Japan, including a photoshoot for the fashion magazine ‘anan’, a visit to Dolce & Gabbana’s new store, and her two fanmeeting shows. 

Source: Daum

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